Behind the Line, Behind the Team Campaign

Behind the Line, Behind the Team Campaign

Behind the Line, Behind the Team Campaign

The FAW have relaunched the Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign to eradicate negative sideline behaviour in mini and junior football related activity and to ensure our young players are provided with a positive and enjoyable environment to support their development.

The FAW have decided to relaunch the Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign with the aim of continuing to educate and raise awareness of the expected standards of sideline behaviour within our small sided and junior football environments.

Unfortunately, children withdraw from football because of the untoward behaviour of others; from over-zealous spectators to ultra- competitive coaches. 'Behind the Line' is the FAW's principal safeguarding campaign which focuses on safeguarding children and young people by eliminating the negative factors which hinder their enjoyment of the game. The campaign aims to tackle both on and off the pitch behaviour by promoting best practice through educating players, coaches and spectators. 

'Behind the Line, Behind the Team' is a tailored programme which concentrates on improving the conduct of spectators on the touchline. By addressing the often inappropriate behaviour of overzealous supporters who may overstep the line with constant criticism and intimidation of players and officials, the campaign will educate and remind individuals of their responsibility to create a fun, safe and positive environment for children to play football in.

Clubs are encouraged to implement a physical exclusion zone to create a dedicated supporter zone, and serve as a reminder not to overstep the boundaries, both physically and psychologically. The Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign video highlights the practical effects of the barriers whilst publicising the overarching importance of encouraging children and allowing them to have fun within the sport rather than placing them under too much pressure.

In order to support the Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign, please access the following resource pack which will provide the following:

  • Campaign aims and expectations 
  • How clubs/individuals can acknowledge, support and promote the campaign
  • Understanding the importance of postive sideline behaviour 
  • Implementing a physical exclusion zone
  • Implementing codes of conducts
  • Reporting negative sideline behaviour 
  • Responding to concerns of negative sideline behaviour 
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