Looking after your Wellbeing

Looking after your Wellbeing

Looking after your Wellbeing


It is important to the FAW that anyone who is struggling in any aspect of their life, feels that they can speak up and access the help they may need. Therefore, the FAW will continue to promote key messages and signpost to organisations that can provide specialist guidance and support for those who may need it.  We care about our football community such as our players, volunteers, coaches, fans and parents, however we also care about the wider community and its important for us as a National Governing Body to promote the correct messages and in return reduce stigma.

As highlighted in the video, 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues and its okay not to be okay, however we  do encourage you to speak up and seek support from those that can be of help, such as:

1. Someone you trust, such as your parents, partner or friends

2. Your GP

3. Organisations such as Mind on 0300 123 3393 or visit www.mind.org.uk

Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales, and provides advice and support for anyone experiencing mental health problems.  

Mind explains that good mental wellbeing doesnt mean you are always happy or unaffected by your experiences. But poor mental wellbeing can make it more difficult to cope with daily life. 

Mind has also provided tips for improving your mental wellbeing:

  • Relax and reduce stress 
  • Find ways to learn and be creative
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Connect with others
  • Look after your physical health
  • Try to get enough sleep


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