FAW relaunch Behind the Line Behind the Team Campaign

FAW relaunch Behind the Line Behind the Team Campaign

FAW relaunch Behind the Line Behind the Team Campaign

The FAW previously launched the Behind the Line, Behind the Team Campaign in December 2013, however we feel its important to relaunch the campaign with the aim to eradicate negative sideline behaviour from our football environments.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) have relaunched the important ‘Behind the Line, Behind the Team’ campaign which aims to tackle inappropriate sideline behaviour.

The campaign video shows the negative impact that sideline behaviour can have on participants through a role reversal where children are criticising adults playing the game. The video raises awareness of the expected standards of sideline behaviour across small sided and junior football environments.

The new ‘Behind the Line, Behind the Team’ campaign video and educational resource pack are all available to view on the FAW’s brand new FAW Safeguarding microsite, which all junior football clubs, coaches, parents and spectators can access at: safeguarding.cymru

To achieve a safe and positive environment in which players can thrive and develop, all clubs and personnel affiliated to the FAW are expected to adhere to the FAW Safeguarding Policy, Practices and Procedures to ensure player welfare is always the paramount consideration.

The creation of the FAW’s Safeguarding microsite offers easy access to key information, advice and guidance to help support and develop the Welsh football family, with specific educational pages dedicated to Safeguarding Officers, Coaches, Players, Parents, Match Officials & Children.

Safeguarding & Player Welfare Manager, Siân Jones said: “Football can have such a powerful and positive influence on young people, whether that be through enjoyment, achievement or developing valuable qualities such as self-esteem, leadership and teamwork. However, these positive effects are only possible if children and young people are supported, protected, and empowered.

“Unfortunately, at the FAW, our Safeguarding Team are still made aware of instances of negative sideline behaviour, which can have such a negative impact on those players who participate. That is why I am so grateful that at the FAW we could revisit the key messages of the ‘Behind the Line, Behind the Team’ campaign, as we launch our new FAW Safeguarding microsite, to reinforce that providing a positive environment for all players is a key priority.”

In order to support the Behind the Line, Behind the Team campaign, please access the following resource pack which will provide the following:

  • Campaign aims and expectations 
  • How clubs/individuals can acknowledge, support and promote the campaign
  • Understanding the importance of postive sideline behaviour 
  • Implementing a physical exclusion zone
  • Implementing codes of conducts
  • Reporting negative sideline behaviour 
  • Responding to concerns of negative sideline behaviour 


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