Learn about safeguarding and how it affects you

Get to know Draig

Draig is our welsh friendly dragon who is 10 years old and has been playing football for 6 years. Draig likes to play up front and score goals and feels happy when playing with friends and football team.

Draig knows how important it is to stay safe at all times and thats why Draig can tell you how you can stay safe and when you should talk to someone.

About Draig
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What makes Draig happy at football?

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What makes Draig sad at football?

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Be a good teammate

In football its really important that you try to be a good teammate in training and when you are playing matches. This will help you make friends, have fun and enjoy football. This will also make sure your teammates have fun too Draig can tell you how to be a good teammate.

How to be a good teammate

Learn with Draig

Ddraig can tell you how you should feel at your club, how you should behave, what makes a good coach and how your parents should support you. Its important to Draig that you feel happy and safe when you are at football and also away from football.


Draig loves colouring

Draig has drawn a picture that you can colour in.

If you would like send your picture to Draig, you can upload here or send to us at

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Draig says its important that you are safe.

Remember the following:


Your safety is important

Its important that you feel safe at football, at home and at school. If you are in danger, please call 999.


Speak up

If something is wrong, it's important that you talk to an adult you trust. Your football club will also have a Safeguarding Officer who is there to support and help you. 

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If you are not sure who to talk to, childine are always there to support you. Please call 0800 1111 and they can help you.


Help others

If you are worried about someone else, such as a family member, friends or teammates, it's important to talk to an adult you trust.

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