Concerned about a teammate

Concerned about a teammate

Concerned about a teammate


Your teammate may be showing signs that they are not okay or are struggling. These signs may include the following:

  • They are not attending football as much
  • They are feeling restless and agitated
  • They are feeling angry and aggressive
  • They are feeling tearful
  • They seem tired or lacking in energy
  • They do not want to talk to or be with people
  • They do not want to do things they usually enjoy
  • They are finding it hard to cope with everyday things
  • They are replying to messages or are being distant
  • They are talking about feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless
  • They are showing a change in behaviour 
  • They are engaging in poor behaviour 

This is not an exhaustive list and there could be other signs that your teammate is not feeling okay. Its important to know that there also may not be any signs, however it may be worth checking that your teammate is okay by asking them how they are. 

If you are concerned about a teammate, please complete the following:

  • Ask your teammate if they are okay or if they need anything
  • Speak to an adult you trust for advice, such as your coach or parents.
  • If you feel your teammate is in danger, talk to an adult you trust immediately


Reaching out to your teammate could help them know that someone cares, that they are valued, and help them access the support they need.

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