Become a Safeguarding Officer

Become a Safeguarding Officer

Become a Safeguarding Officer

In order to become a Safeguarding Officer, you must complete an Enhanced DBS Check for Regulated Activity, sit the online FAW Safeguarding Award and register on the COMET system.


COMPLETE An enhanced DBS check for regulated activity

To be provided with clearance for junior football related activity, you must complete an enhanced DBS check for regulated activity. 

If you are taking over the role of safeguarding officer, the previous safeguarding officer should already be signed up as administrator to the club DBS online account and they will be able to send you a link to an online DBS application.

Please note that it can take a DBS application 72 hours to 60 days to be processed and an escalation request cannot be raised until after this 60 day period. Therefore we advise that you submit a DBS application as soon as possible. 

If you are a new club or the previous Safeguarding Officer has already left the club, please contact the FAW to enable a memeber of the FAW Safeguarding Team to send you a link to an online DBS application. Please email to request this. 

If you are already a registered club safeguarding officer and have received notification through COMET that your DBS is due to expire shortly, please complete a new application via the club online DBS account and request that another trusted member at the club who has a valid DBS check completes the verification stage for you. We advise that a new DBS application is submitted three months prior to your DBS expiring.



In order for you to become a Safeguarding Officers, it is compuslory for you to complete the FAW Safeguarding Award to prepare you for the role.

The FAW Safeguarding Award is a three hour interactive workshop that is now provided online and covers the following areas:

  • Identifying poor practice and recognising signs, symptoms and forms of abuse.
  • How to respond to concerns, allegations or disclosures.
  • Advice on how to identify people and organisations that can support in such situations.
  • Best practice guidelines when working with children and vulnerable adults in football.
  • Identify and implement adequate safeguarding measures, which protect all involved in football in Wales.

The FAW Safeguarding Award is valid for three years and the course must be completed again to renew. 

Please Note: All FAW Coach Education awards require candidates to be a minimum age of 16 before accessing any of our resources, modules or practical contact days.

Please click the following link to book your course:

If you feel you have adequate safeguarding training already or safeguarding experience through your occupation, please email with a copy of your safeguarding certificate, proof of occupation and your comet ID number. A member of the FAW Safeguarding will then confirm if this can be accepted.



Please contact your club comet champion to complete your registration on the comet system. Once registered, you will receive a digital registration card and this can be downloaded to your phone. 

Once you have been confirmed as club safeguarding officer, you should be able to access your club comet account and view the DBS information for all volunteers registered with the club. This can be found under additional information>Safeguarding and licenses.  If you do not have access to this information, please contact the FAW Safeguarding Team and request user access. 

The Comet system will send you a notification when your DBS check and Safeguarding Award is due to expire. Please renew these within a good time frame to enable the FAW Safeguarding to update your comet profile and to prevent your registration from expiring.

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