Safeguarding Structure

Safeguarding Structure

Safeguarding Structure

The FAW has implemented the following structure to ensure that Safeguarding is embedded into our Welsh football culture and to ensure a positive football environment can be provided. It is compulsory for all Clubs, Leagues and Area Associations to have a registered Safeguarding officer in place to support the FAW Safeguarding Policy, Practices and Procedures.


Club Safeguarding Officer Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Administer DBS programme.
  • Ensure that coaches and relevant personnel have current and valid DBS checks and have registered with the club on the COMET system.
  • Ensure that coaches and relevant personnel have the necessary qualifications to undertake their roles.
  • Ensure that the club meets at least the Standard level of the Club Accreditation Programme (in partnership with club colleagues)
  • Act as the point of contact for minor safeguarding/welfare issues at club level
  • Report issues that cannot be dealt with at club level to your League Safeguarding Officer
  • Implement best practice at club level.
  • Comply with the CSO Code of Conduct

League Safeguarding Officer Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Support club safeguarding officers with their duties and offer support and guidance.
  • Communicate leagues responsibility to safeguard children.
  • Promote FAW safeguarding policies.
  • Monitor best practice at club level.
  • Act as liaison between club and Area Association
  • Implement reporting procedure and escalate concerns to Area Association/FAW Safeguarding where necessary.
  • Investigate safeguarding issues where appropriate
  • Reporting issues to Area Safeguarding officer that cannot be dealt with at a League level
  • Support clubs when going through a restructure (i.e. change of verifier or club safeguarding officer)
  • Ensure individuals have received the necessary training
  • Monitor Club Accreditation Programme (in partnership with League Secretary)

​​​​​​​Area Safeguarding Officer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote and disseminate FAW Safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Manage children’s welfare within the Association
  • Arrange and attend necessary meetings with member leagues and clubs
  • Assist FAW Safeguarding department with investigations into safeguarding concerns where directed
  • Investigate safeguarding issues and complaints where appropriate
  • Report issues to FAW Safeguarding that cannot be dealt with at an Area level
  • Monitor best practice at club and league level
  • Ensure that individuals have received the necessary training
  • Manage the Area’s responsibility to safeguard children

FAW Safeguarding Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Comprises of National Safeguarding & Player Welfare Manager, Safeguarding Executive and Safeguarding Co-ordinator
  • Manage statutory and legal matters
  • Undertake investigations into serious matters; criminal activity, sexual offences, drugs, violence
  • Policy development & implementation
  • Training & education
  • Consultation
  • Manage National DBS Programme- forms are submitted to FAW and processed before sending onto the DBS
  • Log DBS information to an individual's COMET profile upon receipt of DBS certificate/clearance.
  • Assist with COMET registration process and check that an individual involved in junior football has a valid DBS before confirming their registration on the COMET system.
  • Assist with the management of coach registration issues and queries
  • Manage independent Safeguarding Panel
  • Communication of safeguarding procedures and protocols
  • Manage complaints/concerns and refer as necessary
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